Tri Wing Screwdriver

tri wing screwdriver


Some smartphones, game consoles and other electronic devices require this specialized Tri Wing Screwdriver (Y) to complete a full disassembly. The HTC Aria and other devices such as the Nintendo Wii, Wii Nunchuck controller, Gamecube, Gameboy Advanced, DS, & DS Lite require the use of this tri wing screwdriver. With its magnetized tip you will easily be able to remove/ reset the tiny specialized screws that hold your device together. If you are planning to perform a screen repair on the HTC Aria you will need to purchase this specialized tri wing screw driver to disassemble and then reassemble your device.

Having the right repair tools for the job is crucial for any DIY repair. Don't cut corners and risk stripping the special (Y) tri wing screws in your HTC Aria by using any other tri wing screw driver alternative.



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