Torx T4 Screwdriver

Torx T4 Screwdriver

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Does your device require you to remove torx T4 screws to repair a damaged touch screen digitizer or LCD screen? This brand new T4 Torx Screwdriver is a great, affordable, and durable solution! Our Torx T4 screwdrivers feature a magnetized tip which will help you effectively and conveniently remove small torx t4 size screws. Having the proper size torx screwdriver will allow you to dis-assemble / re-assemble your device much more safely, by reducing the risk of stripping the delicate small screws that hold your device together.

Don't order your screen replacement or other repair parts without checking to see if your smartphone or tablet requires you to have a torx T4 screwdriver to perform the repair. You can check to see if your device would need this T4 torx screwdriver under the recommended tools section on your screen replacement page. You can always upgrade your screen replacement order to one of our DIY screen repair kits that may include this screwdriver and other recommended repair tools per your particular device at discounted prices.

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