After the frustration of damaging your mobile device you can sometimes forget the simplest things as you frantically attempt to repair your smartphone or tablet. You may not even know the tools required for your exact model. This is why at DIY Mobile Repair we offer all the repair tools necessary to get your device safely apart and replace a damaged screen or other internal part! We offer brand new screwdrivers for all the popular smartphone and tablet models.

Having the correct screwdriver for your device is essential to safely and effectively repair your device without stripping screws or causing further damage. No matter if you need a Pentalobe screwdriver for your iPhone or a Torx T5 screwdriver for your Android phone, we have the tools ready to ship out for you today!  Consider upgrading to our full DIY repair kits which already include all the necessary tools for your repair at a discounted price!


Some models of phones and tablets require special screwdrivers that are not readily available in hardware stores or local repair shops. These can include things like the Tri-Wing screwdriver, Torx T3 screwdrivers, Small Phillips Screwdriver (#00) and many others. Don't hold up your repair any longer than you have to! Order your specific screwdrivers today from us and know we will have it shipped out within 24 hours of processing and will be sent directly to you from the USA!