Some think that it's time for Google to start making its own smartphone hardware, the closest we have today is the Nexus series. The Nexus 5X, co-designed by Google and LG, is the mid-range offering and a respite from the 6" Nexus last year, leaving its sibling to fill the premium, large-screen role.   The focus has been placed on enhanced security (fingerprint sensor on the back, the Nexus Imprint) that enables mobile payments (Android Pay) and a push towards a universal connector (USB Type-C). The camera was primed for low-light shooting and the more you shoot, the more you can upload to Google Photos (well, you're not going to store them on a microSD card).

All of our Nexus 5X parts are built to manufacture's exact specifications.  We cover our parts with a 30 day warranty.

Purchase includes free safe opening pry tool and adhesive.   

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