iPhone 6 Plus Earpiece Speaker Replacement

iPhone 6 Plus Earpiece Speaker Replacement
  • iPhone 6 Plus Earpiece Speaker Replacement
  • iPhone 6 Plus Earpiece Speaker Replacement

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The factory spec iPhone 6 Plus Earpiece Speaker Replacement will solve the problem of audio issues with the sound in your ear.  If you have a complete loss of sound, you hear distortion in the sound, or a lack of volume control it means that this piece has been damaged and needs to be replaced. You only need to replace just the damaged part - not the entire phone.   FREE pry tool included.

Do not worry about doing the repair on your iPhone 6 Plus yourself because you are concerned you will damage it further.  We have the solution for you - our qualified repair technicians can do the repair.  Give us a call to find out the details at 702-800-5991 or read all about it here on the Repair Services PageOnce we complete the repair of your iPhone 6 Plus Earpiece Speaker Replacement  your phone will be as good as new.

Available as a DIY Kit.  Included are all the tools you require for a successful repair including Apple's proprietary Pentalobe Screwdriver.  

Our DIY Kit Includes:

Compatible with:

  • Apple iPhone 6 Plus


  • iPhone 6 Plus Earpiece Speaker Replacement
  • Brand new 
  • Free Pry tool
  • Professional Repair Service Available
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