iPad 3/4 LCD Screen Replacement

iPad 3 Retina LCD Display Replacement
  • iPad 3 Retina LCD Display Replacement
  • Retina LCD Replacement - iPad 3

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Is the LCD Retina display on your iPad 3 damaged or not functioning properly? Replacement iPad 3 Retina LCD screens are now available to resolve any picture display issues you may be experiencing. Damaged or non-responsive LCD screens are quite common on the iPad 3/4 as the display is so large and fragile. Don't panic if your Retina display is not working properly, replace the LCD screen on your iPad 3 with the help of DIY Mobile Repair. We make it easy for you to salvage your new iPad 3, while saving your hundreds of dollars from replacing the entire tablet.

This iPad 3 Screen Replacement Fixes:
Nearly all common display issues caused by a cracked, damaged, dropped, or non-functional inner LCD screen. Common display issues include: inky black spots, cracks, discoloration, dead pixels, or vertical / horizontal lines.

Our available DIY Kit includes all the following recommended tools:

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