DIY Mobile Repair provides brand new, top quality HTC Sensation 4G replacement screens and repair kits allowing you to successfully fix your broken or non-functioning smartphone. It is extremely common to crack or shatter your Sensation's screen after a simple drop or fall. If this has happened to you, you won't have to use your device with a damaged parts, nor will you have to completely replace your Sensation 4G all together. You can safely replace your screen with our brand new replacement parts and DIY repair kits.

If you are not sure you will have the correct tools to perform your HTC Sensation 4G repair, you can purchase one of our complete Do-it-Yourself screen repair kits. These kits come outfitted with your brand new screen replacement as well as the recommended tools required to properly fix your device without risking further damaged due to incorrect tools.


Stop using your cracked or damaged HTC Sensation 4G, you can easily repair your device with our available repair kits. DIY Mobile Repair is continuing to stock a larger variety of replacement parts for the HTC Sensation 4G so be on the look out for brand new HTC Sensation 4G LCD screen replacements coming soon.