ESD Nylon Spudger

nylon spudger pry tool


The ESD Nylon Spudger is an all around great pry tool to use for multiple types of repairs and repair procedures. This is one of our personal favorite repair tools to use during a screen repair or disassembly of a smartphone or tablet. On both ends of this ESD Nylon Spudger you have two different types of useability. The flat side of the Nylon Spudger can be used for prying or removing and setting pop connectors and jaw-bone connections. The pointed side of this Nylon Spudger can make prodding and prying that much more concise while continuing to be a safe repair tool.

Most of all the nylon spudger is ESD (electrostatic discharge) safe meaning that it reduces the risk of potential static damage to the motherboard and other internal components. Using a ESD safe tool when performing a Do-it-Yourself repair such that on any Apple, HTC, or Motorola device can dramatically reduce the risk of electrostatic damage that could potentially occur during your repair. 

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