Black iPad 2 Touch Screen Digitizer Replacement

iPad 2 Touch Screen Digitizer Replacement - Black

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This iPad 2 touch screen digitizer replacement is a great way to repair cracked or damaged outer glass. If your black iPad 2 has dropped and you now have spider-web cracks across your screen, this is the part for you! By replacing the touch screen digitizer on your iPad 2 you can save your tablet without paying hundreds of dollars replace it. The optional DIY screen repair kit will provde you will all of the recommended tools you'll need to replace your iPad 2's touch screen yourself safe and easy!

This iPad 2 Screen Replacement Fixes:

Cosmetic or functionality issues on your outer glass including: shattered or cracked glass, deep scratches, non-functional / non-working touch screen digitizers, etc.


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How to Replace iPad 2 Touch Screen Digitizer: