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Adhesive strips are most commonly forgotten when performing a DIY touch screen digitizer repair. Adhesive strips are necessary for a majority of glass touch screen installations. If your device requires you to use adhesive to secure the glass touch screen to the housing and you don't order your 3M Adhesive Strips, you're gonna have a bad time. When performing most glass touch screen digitizer repairs you will need adhesive strips to re-attach your brand new touch screen replacement. This high strength 3M double-sided adhesive tape is a perfect solution to use when replacing your cracked touch screen.

The Advantages of Using 3M Adhesive Strips Are:

Using 3M double-sided adhesive tape to securely place your front glass touch screen to the inner housing will greatly reduce the risk of getting dust and other small particles between the touch screen digitizer and LCD display screen. You will not have to use messy glue that can be hard to apply and possibly harm your device if used too much. Simply cut to fit this 3M Double-sided Adhesive tape to the required size for your outer glass touch screen installation

Compatible with:

  • All cell phone and tablet repairs


  • Professional Repair Services available 
  • Low cost
  • High quality
  • Fast shipping
  • Free Pry tool included
  • Brand New Adhesive strips
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