6 ft HDMI with Mini and Micro HDMI Cable


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This high quality 6 ft HDMI with Mini and Micro HDMI Cable will connect all HDMI devices to your your HDTV.  trueVIEW multi is capable of producing 1080p high definition video and images.  trueVIEW multi includes Mini, Micro and two standard HDMI connections so that you can connect to all of your devices. Included with trueVIEW multi is 6 ft. of cable length - plenty for any application.  You will receive an enhanced connection with the gold-plated tips giving a superior video signal.

When it comes to quality and cost, the competition does not measure up. Our parts are OEM-compliant, factory-tested and 100% guaranteed. Order the 6 ft HDMI with Mini and Micro HDMI Cable today.  With Scosche trueVIEW multi your connecting power will be unlimited.

Compatible With:

  • Mini HDMI for: Digital Cameras and more
  • Micro HDMI for: Smartphones, Tablets, GoPro and Digital Cameras
  • HDMI for: TVs, Monitors, Blu-ray Players, DVD Players, Gaming Consoles and more
  • HDTVs, Digital Cameras, Smartphones, Tablets, DVD Players, Blu-Ray Players, Gaming Consoles, GoPro and more
  • *trueVIEW multi also works with Apple's Digital AV Adapter for HD video mirroring with iPad 2 or iPhone 4S (sold separately)


  • Scosche trueVIEW multi 6 ft. HDMI Cable with Micro & Mini HDMI Adapters
  • Includes Mini, Micro and two standard HDMI connections
  • Gold-plated tips allow for superior video signal and enhanced connection
  • Connecting this cable is easy with simple plug-and-play design
  • 6 ft. of cable length
  • Fast shipping; ships same day if ordered by 4pm PST

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